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. the prime minister yesterday visited a joint united states/israeli missile defense maneuver. there th're preparing for all eventualities. rocket and missile attacks on israel from iran, syria are lebanon and gaza. >> the threat is new and the fact is our forces are being prepared to give a new response. >> the new response is the iron dome anti-missile system. it will be deployed in less than a year. but the fact that remains is from now on, in any future israeli conflict, from the north or the south, the heart of the nation tel aviv will be under threat. >>> today in milan, italy, there >>> today in milan, italy, there was a landmark court ruling regarding a program run by the central intelligence agency known as extraordinary renditn. under that program, terror suspects were secretly detained and flowto foreign countries for interrogations that some have described as torture. today an italian judge convicted 23 americans of kidnapping an egyptian cleric from a milan street in 2003 in one such operation. the cia has declined to comment on the case and all of the americans were tried
newman is back with us as we wait for the president of the united states. the f.b.i. quickly tried to say no terrorism connection here. at the same time, they're looking at all ends, but not entirely ruling it out. what do you make of that? >> that is standard f.b.i. procedure. i learned that from my mother, who god rest her soul, worked directly for j. edgar hoover and she would bring the files home when we were kids and we learned it back then. this is a professional organization, the f.b.i., and you don't want to rule everything out and don't want to rule everything in. remain calm. assume absolutely nothing and get to the bottom of it while maintaining your -- if you want to go to somewhere else, go ahead. neil: that's fine. i'm not even aware of the time. i'm going to shepard smith as we wait for the president of the united states. >> glenn beck is off today. this is fox news continuing coverage of the tragedy at fort hood. fox news confirms through the military as you just heard 12 people murdered and 31 injured in that shooting rampage at fort hood next to killeen, texas. we can te
that was licensed in the united states. we have done those things. we have shifted all the vaccine manufacturing to the extent we can to multi those virus first because there faster to fill, with leaving the rest of leftover for the single dose syringes. we have worked with them to shift everything they can do to get the vaccine out as fast as they possibly can. then we are tracking through the process step by step. to the degree that when a lot is ready to be released at a manufacturer, we have a truck waiting. it pulls up at the loading dock ready to accept that vaccine and bring it to the distribution sites. if we have been working through this every step of the process to get any delays out. that is what a sight visits have largely been about. >> a question about the contracts. [unintelligible] to produce this reject all under 51 million doses, kabbalah contracted the manufacturers to fill 117 million doses. why aren't they able to undo the full amount of doses -- able to do the full amount of doses? >> we need to make sure we have enough vaccine derived the time people want it and being ca
together this time with the united states and with binding obligations in some form on china and other large emerging economies and it's significant because the scientific community globally has ratcheted up their sense of alarm and you are general they we really don't have too many years to begin are reducing the global warming pollution that is driving the earth's ecological system toward catastrophe. >> rose: stay with that. they say ten years. the window they say is ten years essentially? >> yeah, and they said that three years ago. >> rose: and cat trophy means what? >> there's certain elements in the earth's ecological system that could be pushed beyond a kind of tipping point the phrase is controversial. but if the greenland ice pack, for example, was induced to melt so rapidly that it could not be stopped that would lead to catastrophic sea level rise, similarly in west antarctica. either would produce a six to seven meter increase. the size of the continental united states, it's been there for three million years, a key element in the earth's ability to cool itself, if it disa
, as well, that the president of the united states has been notified. a guest joins us on the telephone. we are putting together a lot of unclear pieces, but, colonel, what is racing through your mind? >> it is a tragic situation, neil. clearly, we have a situation of multiple shooters on a military institution. the security is always very tight. i do not see, having been in the military and just having walked out of the pentagon, literally, where you have our people ready, anticipating these types of actions. we are a country at war. this particular site that the senator talked about moments ago on fox news is a site where we were preparing men and women to go to places like iraq and afghanistan. they are, of course, in a high state of concern. their families are cheerful. they know the an argument. most of them have probably come from a tour in iraq -- their families are fearful. it could be disenchanted soldiers. it could be a variety of people. but just understand that the people who are on that base, soldiers, understand what it is like to be fired at. their actions are going to be ver
. he charged the united states with backtracking onts middle east policy and refusing to press israel to freeze selement building in the west bank. >>> more tnight on that ship carrying hundreds of tons of weapons that were ized off the coasof cyprus. israel claims the wpons were from in and were heed to hezbollah ghters in lebanon. today, isrli prime minister njamin netanyahu claimed tha iran's goal was to kill as man civilian as possible. for its part, hezbollah deni any connectionith the weapons. >>> weurn now to africa and a story that impressed us with its insights into at is going on somalia. we have reported the very tenuous political situation there, a weak government backed by the united states d an incrsingly violent islamic rebel movement, known as al sh what you are aut to ee will put the threat of those extremists in perspectiv and willhow why we all needo pay attention to somalia. in ra visit by western journalist, martin geisl went to the town of bos so noh of the capitagadishu. >> ts is a publichow of forcby al shabaab. these pictures filmed in the past f dys in mogi
reasons. it's a second chae for the world commity to cometogether this time th the united state and with biing obligations in some form on china and other lae emerging economies an it's gnificant because the scientif community globally s ratched up their sense of alarm and you ar general they really don't he too many years to begin are redung the global warng pollution that is driving e earth ecological system toward catastrophe. >> rose: sy with that. they s ten years. the window ty say is ten years esseially? >> yeah, a they said that three years ago. >> rose: and cat trophy means what >> the's certain elements i the earth's ecologicasystem that could be pushedeyond a kind of tippi point the pase is controversial. but if the greenlandce pack, for example,as induced to mel so rapidly that it could note stopdhat would lead to catastrophic sea level re, silarly in west antarctica. eith would produce a six to seven met incree. the ze of the continental united states, it's been there r three million yes, a key elemenin the earth'sbility to cool itse, if i disappears it would not co
. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the -- the yeas are 233. the speaker pro tempore: the resolution is adopted. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the speaker: the house -- the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk will read. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, madam. i have the honor to transmate here with a copy of a letter received from kathy mitchell, head of the elections commission of the california elections offer, and according to the returns of the special election on november 3, 2009, john garamendi was elected to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? one moment, please. clerk will resume. the clerk will resume. the clerk: indicating t
to seven mer incase. thsize of the continental united states, it's been the for three million ars, a key elemt in the earth ability to cool itlf, ift disappears it would not come bk on a time scale thatould be comfortable for human species. also thatould lead to the awing of the perm fro around the arctic tha ctains so much ozen carbon that the amount in the atmosphere could double and that would mak the task of restoring a favorable climate balance forumanity much more difficult. there are other such tping points but the earth system is ve complex. yes ago a distinguished scientist inhis city,ally brucker, said "it's an angry beast and we're poking i with a stic" and without getting to detas we're now at a point where the most serious a distinguhed scientists who studiedhis are waing that we are real playing with fire e where the future of human civilizion is concerned. >> rose: hp educa us as to the terminology r how w will measure emsion standards. >> well, ere's a baseline for ever country that describesow ch global warming pollution they're puttin up each year. >> rose: and the u. a
.. cit is the fifth largest bankruptcy in the united states.. and taxpayers have lost the 2 billion dollar loan cit received earlier this year. a judge will consider cit's pre-packaged bankruptcy on december 8th. its not just the pending bankruptcy of c-i-t that's making it tough for small businesses looking for startup capital, tighter lending standards across the board are coming in to play. according paynet's small business lending index, the overall volume of financing fell 22 percent year over year in september. this while accounts in default by 180 days or more climbed slightly from august to september. as a result, some entrepreneurs are shaking down the family tree for financing. "a couple years ago, banks were giving loans out easily. now banks are not giving loans out easily." mark goodman runs entrepreneur workshops for score, a national non-profit dedicated to small business development. mark campbell is a score client looking to get a business focused on photorgaphy, video and web design off the ground. 'the major cost for me essentially is equipment. just getting
at the pentagon. jim, we said over and over, this is the largest single military base in the united states. this soldier readiness facility isn't just for soldiers, but families. there might have bn a drastically mixed population in there and heavy density of people when this one initial gunman opened up. >> that's right, brian. the general indicated so far it indicates only military personnel and civilian police officers on the base were among the dead or wounded as far as he could tell at this early point. i, too, was intrigued by the fact that the gunmen apparently carried this deadly attack killing 12 people, wounding 31 more with two hand guns. those .9 millimeters only hold 15 rounds apiece. he would have had to apparently reload. it indicates he did have some high level of military expertise. we are being told that the suspect who was shot and killed by civilian or military police was an army major in his 30s. the big question, of course, is why? nobody has a motive at this point according to the general and other people we're talking to. two others in custody, possible suspects, al
at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this momentarily. let's go o the white house. president obama. >> everybody have a seat. let me first of all just thank ken and the entire department of the interior staff or organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that doctor joe medicine pro was around. i want to give a shout out to that congressional medal of honor hero. good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and your efforts. i want to give you my solemn guarantee. >> i want
from michigan points out, we do have another document here and that is the united states constitution and i think the most dramatic contrast is when you take speaker pelosi's approach to health care, 20 pounds by the way and i have carried this around to know it is about 20 pounds of paper and you take the u.s. constitution and contrast it to this massive document of 1,990 pages and this is the founding document of our country. we don't need a government takeover of health care, we need to fix the problems that are broke. we don't need to break the things that are great in this country. we need to continue this debate and encourage the american people to stay engaged because the american people want the problems fixed, but they don't want the government that couldn't even run a cash for clunkers program properly to be taking over their health care and interfere in their relationship with their doctor. . mr. broun: frankly if you look at that document, the small one you just dropped down, the constitution of the united states, you won't find any constitutional authority in that documen
hood is one of the largest posts of the united states. it's combat post. based on afghanistan and iraq and the soldiers and the unit, they use these between 12 to 18 months. the post is, you know, over 50,000 people there. so he walked into apparently the processing center which i'm familiar with. where solerers -- soldiers are doing administrative things as you walked into the ball to start shooting. everybody knows everything there. everybody lives around the area. so now inial texas -- so in central texas, that's the major producer. it's the major center of activity. and though it is very, a significant event to have something like this happen. >> all right general, thank you so much for your time. we'll break away and go to the president now who is talking about the tragedy. >> let me first of all just thank the entire department for organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that he was around so i want to give it a shoot out to that congressional metal of honor winner. good to
. >> in the name of the united states of america i christen the new york. brian: the idea to melt the steel from the collapsed world trade center towers and use it to make a naval ship came from the city's former governor, george pataki. >> we would be showing that new york is back strong. and the symbol of the freedom of our great people and our great country. >> in 2002 the knave yea long with the louisiana shipbuilders began inspecting the steel from the world trade center site that was removed from ground zero, then truck it had to a landfill in staton island. they found the steel was strong enough to be used for the stem of the massive ship and went to work. 7.5 tons was used to help build the bow of the 25,000-ton vessel. in august of 2005, shipbuilders were forced to take an unscheduled break. the incomplete vessel was anchored on the mississippi river just west of new orleans when hurricane katrina struck. the u.s.s. new york cost $1 billion to build, is 684 feet long and 105 feet wide it can carry a crew of 360 sailors and up to 800 marines who can be delivered to shore by helicopters a
states, as martha mentioned, the largest base anywhere in the world. there are many different units that are stationed. martha, it's 1st cavalry 3 corps. i'm sorry. i'm not going to go to you. we've got president obama coming out. let's go to him about to make remarks. >> ken salazar. please, everybody have a seat. let me first of all just thank ken and the entire department of the interior staff for organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that dr. joe medicine was around. so i want to give a shout out to that congressional medal of honor winner. good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and for your efforts. and i want to give you my solemn guarantee that this is not the end of a process but a beginning of a process. and that we are going to follow up. we are going to follow up every single member of my team understands that this is a top priority for us. i want you to know that, as i said this m
their hatred toward the united states and israel. but in an ironic twist, the opposition movement are also planning anti-government rallies across the city. defeated presidential candidate karoubi joined the crowd, but according to reports he fell to the ground after being overcome by tear gas. witnesses say his supporters carried him to his car, which plainclothes militia aacked as it drove away. the opposition has so far refused to back down. on a day when anti-american sentiment runs high, the opposition was looking for support from president obama. >> obama! obama! >> reporter: chanting "obama, obama, either you're with them or you're with us." opposition has also vowed to convert all future holidays into opportunities for political protests. ali arouzi, nbc news, tehran. >>> when "nightly news" continues on this wednesday evening, great sadness and unanswered questions after three college softball players are found dead. >>> and later, tom brokaw continues his journey along u.s. highway 50 and finds a place ere hehealth care works. including new wood-grilled shrimp with a teriyaki gla
're covering, mike, that a lot of the cases throughout the united states. i really do believe that something has to be done at the legislative process that mandates the judges to do something, tying their hands and having to give these people real sentences, because this goes on -- when it goes on for two decades like this and little children continue to become victimized like this in such horrific ways, something has to be done. >> exactly. michelle, do we know -- a lady like this, who, again, we don't know what happened to the 3-year-old, vanished. >> right. >> she was convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill a 6-year-old. was shimon torrid after that, after her 80-day sentence? >> that's one of the questions that i have right now and i'm waiting for investigators to call me back on, the ones in had south carolina, that is. the ones in florida i'm in touch with a lot but i think they're piecing it together. i know there is an investigator who drove down from south carolina and arrived in florida not too long ago to be able to sit down with those investigators and put their note
you. to give you perspective, fort hood is the largest active duty post in the united states, the only one capable of supporting two full armored divisions 3-rbgs 40 square miles, 50 miles southwest of texas, he essentially a huge ciy with schools and stores an military housing and training facilities. this shooting took mace at soldier readiness center at the military briefing you just saw there. we heard this facility was the old sports dome complex, and this is the place where soldiers are processed to deploy overseas, soldiers filling out paperwork and preparing to head to their deployments. all of the shootings happened right there. as you heard steve report, the entire post is on lockdown as this investigation continues. can we bring in major general bob scales? he had some new information i believe from his sources that he has been talking to from a different perspective. general, i know you have been to fort hood a bunch. your talk to folks this all the time. what is the latest you're hearing? we just had the report of the name of the suspected shooter who was killed. >> right,
more income for the united states economy than the entire agricultural sector. the evidence is readily observable that carl is dying at an increasing rate, reducing substantially a development area for plankton which provides much of the nutrition that fish and sea life gets. every day we waste, today when it gets harder for our children and grandchildren to breathe, a day when even more young people are diagnosed with asthma and every day we waste, america risks ceding leadership and our future. we look at china. that country is already investing ten times more of its gross domestic product on clean energy than is the united states and yet the republicans on this committee have chosen to tread water when the floods are rushing over us. they say they don't like the process, but the truth is they don't like the facts. they don't want to deal with the issue and they recent the fact that we are making progress, good progress and certified by lots of scientific evidence and people of outstanding credibility. they say they want another epa analysis, but no matter how many times epa analyzes
written in the constitution of the united states. if gays can point out a right that they should have that has been written in the constitution. let me say this right here, there are no special rights in the constitution for people who make love differently than other people. yeah, but bill, from loudoun county says gay folks aren't looking for any special rights. imagine not getting that house or apartment you applied for because you signed the form with your same sex partner. imagine not being able to displaying affection? the key here is being denied rights that others have. and there was this on the question we raised yesterday regarding prison inmates getting the hard to find flu vaccine. she was short and to the point. little children first, young people etcetera, inmates the very last. but brian says that is the short sided view, prisonnens are con firearmed and densely populated areas where diseases can spread quickly. these areas protects the public as much as the general public with the same dosage. stop showing false outrage. our outrage may be over the top, but it's almost
post in the united states. home to about 52,000 troops as of earlier this year. >> stay with for continuing coverage of the mass shooting at fort hood. we will continue to follow this story. when we get updates we will bring them to you. you can get continuing updays on through route the night. stay tuned for world news coming up at 6:30. >>> a big question, who is to blame? the children of a baltimore city fire cadet trained in an exercise several years ago have been denied death benefits. the u.s. justice say they denied the claim because the city fire department didn't fill out the proper paper work. the fire department says they have done everything right. >> reporter: the mayor and fire chief had explain dog after a $300,000 federal benefit was denied to the family of rachel wilson. she was the fire cadet killed in 2007 when she was trapped in a burning home during a training exercise. >> we are still engaged and involving be making sure that the family gets whatever it is possible that they are able to. >> under a federal plan children are eligible for
into the united states territory as we head into early next week. it brushes past cancun sunday evening with 50 mile an hour winds and by tuesday it is in the gulf of mexico. remember, the hurricane season officially goes until the end of november. small craft advisory on our bay tomorrow. waves around 2 feet. 51 tomorrow, with sunny skies and strong northwest winds. the winds diminish tomorrow night but we bounced back to 60 saturday, 68 sunday, and it should hit 70 monday before the next cold front arrives on tuesday. >> the ravens prepare for sunday's rematch with the bengals. they have to dominate the middle of the field, something they did not do in the week 5 loss to cincinnati. it was not a point of pride for john harbaugh, but the penalties may serve the ravens on sunday as they try to force more turnovers and intimidate the bindles. ray lewis nearly decapitated chad ochocinco. lewis did not like paying a fine, but he knows that every being a receiver will remember that hit every time they go up the middle this sunday in cincinnati against the ravens. >> that is what i do, just like wha
are with the wounded and families of the fallen. fort hood is the largest active armored duty post in the united states. >> fort hood covers a whopping 339 square miles. it's located between austin and waco texas. there are nine schools on the post. seven elementary schools, two middle schools. fort hood opened back in 1942 and had been continuously used for army training. the soldier readiness center where the deadliest shootings took place there afternoon is where soldiers who were about to be deployed are about to undergo medical screening. >> we're getting bits and pieces of information. we will put them all on our website, the very latest bit of information that we have is that major malek nadal hasan is an army mental health professional. it's the latest we have detailing the mind set of this individual dead now and believed tobe the gunman in killing these 12 people. we're live streaming all the information that we have that comes in off the satellite on little bits and pieces of information as we get them and put them on our website, >>> another story to
to the united states was unprecedented. more than 3000 around the world. >> italian prosecutors say they want to send a message with this case that no matter how great this red, you cannot throw out the basic rights under a democracy, even if it is in the fight against terrorism. president obama has said that the program of extraordinary rendition will continue, albeit with greater safeguards so tortured never happens again. >> a change of pace now with news of a rare tiger citing in china and a mythical japanese monster. >> what else could the but sports? [laughter] half of new york and all of japan's celebrating the 27th world series baseball title for the fabled new york yankees. the new york franchise was given this series by four games to two. by the end of the fifth, the home side had a 7-1 lead. this year is closed out by the 39-year-old pitcher. final score, 7-3. they will be taking part in the parade in new york this friday. news of godzia's attack on philadelphia -- that is matsui's nickname back home. he's the first japanese player to be named as most valuable player in the world s
there's 386,000 registered sex offenders in the united states. two-thirds of america's sex offenders are not in jails and prisons, they are in our community. and the system that we have to do monitoring, supervision, follow-up, once they return to the community, is just overwhelmed. >> reporter: tonight, authorities identified the first victim. her name is tonya carmichael. she was 52 years old. >> at least i know where she is now, and i can put her to rest. she's with god. >> i wish for him to have a not so easy way to hell, that's how i feel. because even that's lenient. >> reporter: tomorrow the police are expanding their search, taking abandoned houses in a half mile radius. they hope they don't find more bodies i'm pierre thomas for ""nightline" "night in cleveland. thanks to pierre thomas for that strong report. when we come back we'll shift gears entirely and thankfully. we'll tell but a man who rose from grim circumstances to become a mogul, dan harris, profiles 50 cent. jeep. ♪ knowing that, every day i have a choice to make. between watching the cloc
, they all combined to limit the availability of vaccines and not just for the united states but for the world. the number of doses that had been produced continues to grow steadily. as of today, states have available 32.3 million doses ordered. morris certainly expected by the end of the week. -- more is certainly expected by the end of the week. we talked with the manufacturers every week and every day. we conduct site visits to our manufacturing partners to look at what is going on and talk about working together. we just completed another round of those site visits and we monitor the progress of every single lot of vaccine produced, working to see if we can make a better were possible. last week secretary sebelius and i spoke directly with the ceo's of each of the manufacturing companies, seeking to identify opportunities to work together to see the box of -- speed the delivery of vaccine for it while delays are frustrating, they reinforce the need to address our country's domestic manufacturing capacity, using new, faster, and more dependable technologies. and we need to
be is this an attack on the united states? the united states army? or is it a personnel issue. >> right. and there's no way to know that now. i think the army has discouraged people from trying to draw a cause and effect here. and i want to honor that. i don't want to say there may be a cause and effect. but i think what you... in reporting reporting this story, the context of an army that's been very stressed is unavoidable and clearly just from my own reporting on fort hood you can tell this army is under a lot of stress. whether it has anything to do with this, i don't know. >> brown: i understand. but tell us what you have been been looking at. people will clearly be looking at the pablt of trauma. especially senator just said this is a soldier that was about to be going to iraq. >> again, we'll talk in generalities here. but, you know, because the army was not anticipated to be fighting two wars for this long period, in fact, the all-volunteer force was never anticipated to be sort of a wartime full wartime prolonged war force, it was going to... from its inception it was designed to be the c
see a lot of troughs moving across the united states, so i do not think we will see a hurricane again, but looked at the models. definitely there is a possibility for the store to re- emerge in the gulf of mexico, possibly making another landform -- landfall into florida. hurricane season does not end until the end of november. back to you. jon: i cannot believe that. new orleans is going to have to watch out again. jane: take a look at live pictures from capitol hill. on the left, we are monitoring nancy pelosi's news conference. on the right, all live picture of the capital. -- a live picture of the capitol. republicans are not the party in power, so even if thousands were to show up at the top of the hour, would that make a difference? jon: a drug bust at an ocean springs, mississippi, home. the son of a couple running the center was making a mess, cooking it up right around where the kids were attending a preschool and playing. and it gets worse. he was under house arrest on a 2004 cocaine charge. >> when you are responsible for someone's children, why would you have a convicted f
was the legal procedure in ace, and the united states has to usits levera to get it right. >> warr: and do you think the u.s. s enough leverage to make prident karzai do what you think he doe't have the political will to do? >> i wil not be able to judge it from my position. but e answer is that without pressg for reform can we all succeedn this sort of sittion, the answer is no. >> warner: a you'll be pressing f reform from the tside? >> i will, i will. >> wner: an aide to you described this as hang been a very painful d emotional time. >> oh, i think certnly, i exercise with all its up an downs, ups and wns and with a lot of disappointments in between, but i think thpeople of afanistan have learned something about it. they've gone through sothing and i thini will have the pport of the people in the pursuit of those ide. >> warner: doctor abdullah thank you. >> you're welcome. >> lehrer: nextonight ... those tv talks... and eir impact on how the rest of us "talk" politic jeffrey bwn reports. >> ift wasn't for fox or talk radio, we'd be ne as a republic. >> repter: in a multi-media world ofalk
's making the choice for you. the u.s. -- the united states, america, is the world's largest economy. it's three times larger than our closest competitor, japan. and it's larger than the economies of japan, china, germany, and great britain combined. and we got there through innovation. we got there through choice. we got there through competition. we got there through individual initiative and responsibility. not government control and management. as we have seen time after time, when you substitute a government controlled and run program for individual choice, the cost goes up, the quality goes down. and when it comes to health care, there's nothing more important than quality and choice. given the choice, i'll always place my faith in the individual not the government and this time is no different. no different with the credit card legislation, no different with the health care legislation. mr. chairman, let me conclude by saying many of my colleagues in this body, both republicans and democrats, are going to come in and they are going to vote for this legislation today. they are goin
say he controlled 80% of the cocaine supply in the united states. he orchestrated million-dollar cocaine deals at his palace and partied with the powerful. he became one of the world's most wanted men, and arco terrorist who ordered the murders of politicians and bounties on policemen's heads. police shot and killed pablo escobar during a violent standoff in 1993 and more than one dozen years later, what was the lavish layer of this infamous criminal is now a tourist attraction. steve harrigan reports from colombia. >> one man brought the country to its knees a generation ago, bombing cities, killing presidential candidates, putting a bounty on policeman. cobble escobar was building himself a shangri-la, funded by near-global control of the cocaine trade. that the state has become a theme park where 50,000 people come and see what is left. it is a sad story of how a whole country can get corrupted by money. the museum teaches crime doesn't pay. the colts near of command lenders here along with a hint of admiration. he rose from nothing, she says. he was obviously very inte
the place where they're brought back on their arrival back in the united states. senator hutchinson earli today said she believes she's heard that the shooter was a soldier who did not want to be deployed. that's the latest from here. >> i go back to my time in the military, john. this is a processing center. and i remember, we used to line up to get shots and whatever just before we were about to do anything. >> exactly. >> in the military. and you wonder how he could kill 12 people, wound more than 30, with a couple of handguns, unless they were, obviously, very tightly bunched. but we don't know much more than that right now. >> reporter: no, this is indeed where they're processed and checked medically and also where they fill out their wills, by the way. before they head out. all we know is that the gunman at this point thate know had two guns. and he was shooting and firing away. i don't know how he did so much damage in so short a time. we heard one statement from senator hutchinson, again who said, "it is a terrible tragedy when one of your own does something so horrendous." >> ind
. it shows you the holes in the system we have. this is the most powerful woman in the united states of america. look at her. she is of reptilian. you usually see a face like that on a lizard laying on a hot rock. bill: she is an attractive -- she is a grandmother. >> i am not saying anything about pretty. you are misreading the. empty, vapid, nobody home. she is not that smart. you can tell me this is a bright woman and i don't believe you. i think she memorizes the bullet. . bill: she does memorize. the neck is tight. in maine, i was surprised that 53/47 said we do not want a marriage. >> everybody will have to go their own way. they will have less people vote. gay marriage, on the things that concern me, i have friends who are gay and married and i am happy for them. gay marriage, things that weird me out or worry me? that is number 8 billion on my list. have a vote on it. it will figure itself out eventually. this is what the vote is for. bill: i agree with you. i do not care about the marriage. i want people to be happy and to be able to pursue happiness. i think folks should be
reid and barack obama. you do not send the president of the united states to new jersey six times, two stops on the sunday before the election, and it is a flat liner -- flatliner. sean: it did not help out in copenhagen or new jersey. >> i do not know how much i agree exactly with what he is saying, but i do think that we have and promised a lot of things that have not come about at all, if something does not change -- that we have been promised a lot of things that have not come about at all, and if something does not change -- sean: i think they have overreached, and i think that they are tone deaf. lashing out at town haulerllersd fox news -- >> i would stick with the insurance industry, if i were them. the health-care debate is a question about whether you are going to let the insurance industry continue to do what they have been doing. sean: i say that will backfire. >> it will definitely backfire. >> i will say this, after tuesday, all bets are off, and even harry reid says we will not have a vote until next year. sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. as
, britain. exposing russian spy rings, health hazards for women and children. here in the united states, he published best sellers by colin powell, marlon brando, and a book called "dreams of my father," by an unknown writer, barack obama. now, harold evans has written a book about his own life, "my paper chase." it's in bookstores right now. you read 15 newspapers every morning still? >> yes. of course, i do. >> and you edit them in your brain? >> i get as many as i can. and i look at the daily beast and yahoo!. >> that would be your life. >> i'm a junkie. i ought to be treated. they never found a cure for it. >> too bad. no rehab. >> i'm compelled by enormous curiosity. and i can't satisfy it. >> we were laughing. backstage, as we say, you were reediting the cover of "the new york times" because it's all wrong. >> i'm reading the baseball story. we want to read what we know. relive the excitement. so, i get down here. it says, many get to the victorious crowd. b-17. wait a minute. b-17. wait a minute. wait a minute. where is it? where is it? there's -- b-16. here it is. well, you know. >>
the yucatan. it may get stronger. certainly to threat to the united states, but does bear watching. unfortunately for central america, it will be a very bad storm with heavy flooding rain. for us, high pressure comes in. as it comes in tomorrow, i will come in with gusty northwesterly winds. then it begins to move off the coast. as we get into the weekend, southwesterly winds and much warmer air coming in for a good part of the weekend. not tomorrow morning though. in the 30s and the highs only in the 50s. for this evening, clearing continuing. we'll see clear to sun why i skies tomorrow morning. it will be a bundle-up morning with temperatures tomorrow morning into the low 30s in some of the cold spots. about 38, 39 in town. beautiful sunny day tomorrow. not a cloud in the sky. maybe a few cumulus clouds. temperatures tomorrow will be up into the low 50s. next seven days as we get into that mild irair, saturday and sunday, really delightful. a cold mning saturday morning. sunday, temperatures will be up into the high 60s to near 70. monday also near 70 degrees. next chance for any
were killed. there were chants against karzai and the united states. now on to health care reform. days before the house votes on their version of those opposing the overhaul plan are expected on capitol hill at noon. people are already gathering for the rally called a house call on the capitol and a republican congresswoman is behind the movement. representative michelle backman wants people to tell congress people to vote no on health care reform. brooke hart has more. >> reporter: they came with strollers and strong pins, moms demanding universal coverage for kids. >> without significant changes children will be worse off than better off. we say children must be better off after health reform. >> reporter: today opponents of health care reform staged their own rally. >> there are buses coming in from state after state after state. >> reporter: gop critics encouraging them to storm lawmakers' offices and demand no votes on overhaul plans. >> you have the power to defeat this government takeover of our health care system and the takeover one-sixth of our economy. >> did you have pain d
whether either shooter is actually a member of the united states army. i will leave all the speculating for you, because it is not worth our while. tim is in the newsroom gathering new information. >> i am just going to pick up where you left off. i want to confirm that seven have been killed. reports say that there was possibly some kind of ceremony today on that date, so the idea there is there could have been more people on that basis than usual. again, we're reaching to that scene right now. it's an details about what is going on there. we have made contacts to the base, with nothing to say, but they wanted to be there to get information, so we're waiting for someone at that front gate to tell us what is going on. the most important thing is it sounds like there is one suspect on the run up there, very dangerous. we are going to work on getting more information on that. shepard: it is an army post, but what we are waiting to find out now is what they believe the second ship -- sugar may have done, who the victims are, and hopefully, what the motives might have been. before is closed
evening, a mass shooting on the largest army base in the united states. sally is live in the newsroom with more, including the ties this massacre has to maryland. >> the may suspect, who was malik nadal hassan. 31 others were wounded. hassan was shot and killedduring near the scene -- killed at the scene. just a short time ago, president obama spoke about the horrific attacks. >> what we do know shaa number -- is that a number of american soldiers have been killed, and even more have been wounded in a horrific outburst of violence. my immediate thoughts and prayers are with the wounded. and with the families of the fallen. and with those who live and serve at fort hood. these are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> once again, cbs news reports the suspected gunman, major malik nadal hasan was a licensed psychiatri
a very good regulatory system in the united states or we used to called profit and loss. if you fail, you should die. if you are profitable, you should live. if we do that, we do not have these problems. i would add that the banks wouldn't get so large. they would impose systemic risk. let the markets work and we won't have this. >> we haven't even begun. wait until we get stimulus 2 and everything else. wait until friday when the job numbers come out. you're going to hear about a lot of new programs. it's a joke. >> john, you're in washington, peter orszag in washington said we're going to save all this money and cut the deficit in half. i can hear them laughing all the way up here in new york. >> i'm laughing too. stop talking about deficits and talk about the level of spending that. is the true tax onto american people. i would love to have deficits and lower federal spending aer this than a balanced budget at $2 trillion muss of spending. we need to spend less so the private industry has more to invest and create real jobs with. >> varney, the last word. >> we are borrowing like crazy
a psychological lift. by becoming president of the united states he's gotten rid of the stereotype that black people can't run the country and that black people can't rise to the highest positions in the land. >> he still believes the country has a long way to go when it comes to educating our kids and the rest of richelle's interview with him comes up at 4:00 eastern time today. >>> pop star rihanna speaking out for the first time since being battered by her former boyfriend singer chris brown last february. during an abc interview she said she's embarrassed for falling in love with someone so dangerous. >> i fell in love that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. >> brown pleaded guilty to plea assaulting his former girlfriend. he was sentenced to five years of supervised probation and six months of community labor. >>> clark howard straps on a uniform once in a while. he serves in the georgia national guard. this weekend, you'll see him serving the troops. clark and robin meade teamed up to help soldiers save more, spend l
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